Hello! Thank you SO much for inquiring about a session with me. Firstly, I strive to make an authentic connection with you, to offer my sensual healing presence and touch in Divine Service, and for you to return to a more whole, relaxed and open state of love itself.  If you’re not aligned with this intention, then I may not be the provider for you. 

Please read through this before asking me any more specifics about my sessions, and once you’ve read through, I’m happy to answer any questions you may have after you’ve completed my booking form.

All my Love, 
Angelina Goddessa

What is the cost of a session?

My base rate for my LUX MASSAGE session is:

300/1 hr
450/90 min

The LUX TANTRA session is:

350/1 hr


400/1 hr 

2. Where is your incall location? 

My incall is conveniently located in Hollywood, LA, California in a quiet neighborhood. No one else uses my entrance or my location for work, so it is a completely self-contained and private unit. Your privacy is just as important as mine.  There is a shower, and plenty of street parking typically. 

 I am happy to go to your 5 star hotel for a $100 travel fee.

3. What is the difference between the LUX MASSAGE and the LUX TANTRA session? 

The primary difference is in the massage session,  you are receiving touch and bodywork the entire time. In the tantra session, it is interactive between you and I, and done sitting up on the table, using breath, sound, connection and guidance in order to expand your pleasure experience. Neither includes mutual touch. 

In the LUX MASSAGE session, you are in the receiving mode the entire time. You start face down on the table, and you receive loving therapeutic and sensual touch the entire time. It’s about 30 min facedown and 30 min of face up work. The intention is for you to fully relax and drop in and receive, like you would a strictly therapeutic massage. I do not welcome or encourage mutual touch, as it prohibits from you fully dropping in and receiving. 

I enjoy giving medium to firm pressure, so communicate what your needs are to me. I love body-to-body glides as well as using my forearms and elbows, knees and whole body for releasing your built up stress and tension. This session is truly all about YOU, leaving you feeling relaxed, recharged, and completely melted under my healing touch. Body work is my first love, and it is an honor to give to you in this way. 

ALL sessions end with a few minutes to simply lay and rest on the table in sensual samadhi (an awakened yet relaxed state.) You’re encouraged to be completely still, close your eyes and allow the experience to assimilate into your body. Similar to sivasana at the end of a yoga practice. 

In the LUX TANTRA session, I am guiding you on how to spread your erotic energy through your whole body by utilizing breath, sound, subtle movements and PC muscle squeezes.

The intention is for you to learn how to have an expanded and prolonged pleasure response, to slow way down, to drop into your inner awareness, and experience pleasure in a different way.  

We begin by sitting up on the table together in a comfortable embrace, straddling the table, unclothed. This is based on the tantric position of Yab-Yum (you can google it!) I begin with your intention, a grounding meditation, then continue with the breathwork.

This is a very intimate experience, where we are exchanging breath, sometimes mouth to mouth, and I am guiding you on how to move your erotic energy through your entire nervous system. You’re learning how to use your PC muscles at the base of your spine, and the miraculous power of focus, sound and breath to send pleasure through your whole body. Deep breathing is encouraged throughout.

This can result in tingling, euphoria, connection, full-body pleasure, surrender, and heightened erotic awareness. You’re introduced to the idea of not releasing, ejaculation control, or possibly edging, and backing off of your ‘point of no return’ so to speak. 

In the 1 hr tantra session I don’t have time for much facedown body work, so we will primarily be focusing on doing face-up touch. This session is still focused on YOU, and mutual touch in my private areas is not invited. 

In the 90 minute TANTRA session, we have plenty of time to sink in deeper, and you still receive the full hour of bodywork that you would get in the LUX MASSAGE. It is truly is the best of both worlds!

4. What is the LUX DAKINI DOMINATION session? 

 This session is for the advanced or novice gentleman (or woman for that matter!) who wants to explore his/her submissive side.

You begin seated on the massage table, and have a collaring ceremony; where your body becomes under my complete command and control. 

The terms of our D/s relationship are:

• You are to address me as Goddess.

• Remain in the body position I put you in.

• Do not touch me unless asked or guided.

• Say Yes or No, Goddess (not mumble, or expand on your answers)

• Don’t speak out of turn or over me.

• Generally to do your best in making me happy by being an obedient submissive.

• Give you Mercy as a safe word, but using it is not the goal of my session. 

• You give me any specific needs, request, and boundaries. 

The more you’re able to surrender, the more I’m able to penetrate you with my erotic presence. 

This is the most erotically charged session, and you may be aroused throughout. TEASE and SEDUCTION is the name of the game, and in longer sessions I may incorporate all of the tools of breathwork, sensation play, blindfolding, servitude, power exchange,  body worship, spanking, flogging, nipple play, close physical contact and sensual massage. 

My ultimate goal is to get you into an altered state of consciousness called ‘subspace’, which only happens if you allow yourself to  completely let go in devotional surrender. The more you relinquish body-control, the more I can dominate your energy, creating an expanded transcendent experience. 

I want you to feel open, like you’re returning from a deep journey.  I do not enjoy humiliation, or making demeaning comments towards you. Some special requests are accommodated, but I don’t do most fetishes. 

I want your confidence and sense of self to be uplifted, and for you to have an experience of euphoric surrender. 

5. What are your boundaries and how far do the sessions go? 

I ask that you come to each session with an empty slate, even if you’ve seen me many times, and be ready to receive loving presence and touch free of any expectations of ‘getting something.’ None of my sessions explicitly offer mutual touch, except for my Goddess Worship session for VIP clients. 

Please treat this as a first date, ask before touching in any capacity (even my leg!) and anything more given to you is my pure gift to you in the moment of divine pleasure. 

6. How do I apply for overnight sessions, Male Sexual Mastery Weekends, and the Goddess Worship session?

Typically you need to see me once for any of the above sessions before I will spend an extended time with you. Any of the above requests require a separate phone call to discuss your intentions and desires and for me to design the perfect experience for you. I absolutely LOVE making a longer lasting connection that we can both cherish and celebrate!