Erotic And Sexy Massages Los Angeles

This is a service: Allow yourself to BE SERVED.
I invite you to consider this offering as a unique healing journey of heightened Erotic Awareness.


Entering into an Intimate Sacred Space together can be a vulnerable place. I have a few simple requests that serve my comfort as well as the fluidity and Power of your Session.

The Divine Masculine’s purpose in His highest integrity protects, honors, supports, receives and worships the Feminine. The Divine Feminine’s purpose in Her highest integrity nurtures, respects, inspires, heals and teaches the Divine Masculine.

As your Guide, I request that you enter the Session from a receptive space. I give my touch and love as an offering and want you to be able to accept it as a gift. You are coming to receive.

If and when you are invited to touch, I ask that you always do so with a “giving” intent rather than the energy of “taking.” Know that this truly makes all the difference in the world for a woman as we are very intuitive creatures!

Please maintain safe boundaries at all times while opening yourself to possibilities of Supreme Enjoyment.


My time, like yours, is valuable and to be honored, so please be punctual. I do allow a 15-minute grace period before the session begins, but anything more than that will cut into your booked Session time.

Please be sure to review the donation specifications before your Session. Kindly set your donation down in an unsealed envelope when you arrive to the Space.

As much as I like to enjoy libations, I request that you enter your Session sober. Alcohol acts as a depressant and can be desensitizing. Beginning from a clear state allows us both to connect more deeply with our intent and work with the highest healing energy possible.

You are welcome to express anything you like before your Session begins, but as we begin to dip into body play I encourage you to go inward and remain silent. Allow yourself to drop into the experience fully.


Please be respectful of my time as I am of yours. If you have an unexpected conflict with your scheduled appointment time, please notify me as soon as possible.

I hold a 24-hour advanced notice cancellation policy: If you cancel within 24-hours of your appointment and cannot reschedule your Session within one week of the original date, I ask that you contribute a donation of $111 for the missed time.

No Call / No Shows ~ If you are unable to attend a pre-booked Session and you do not show up without notifying me, I will not be able to accommodate any future appointment requests unless you reimburse in full for your lost appointment.


I request that you shower in the Space upon arrival. Please wash your hair to remove oils and gels and exfoliate your entire body with a washcloth. Please remember to thoroughly scrub all your nooks and crannies. If you have a skin condition or allergies of any kind, please notify me before the Session.


Regardless of any Sessions you have had in the past, I ask that you arrive with a blank slate.

In Session and in life, please play with permission. Kindly refrain from requesting Sessions or services that are not listed in our Offerings Menu or differ from what you have discussed prior to your Session. I cannot comply to meeting “special requests” or “extras”.

Please understand that the energy that takes place within the roles of Guide and Seeker is very different than a date or regular male/female interaction.

Please also maintain a professional relationship respecting the sanctity of our Session work. I ask that you refrain from requesting meetings  outside scheduled session times.

I offer Sessions to those people who have a true love and respect for women, along with the ability to comfortably engage with women and a genuine desire to learn how.