An interview with and Luxuaura.. What is Dakini Domination?

1).  What is Dakini Domination?
Dakini Domination is my take on sensual domination, weaving in the tantric energy of kundalini, and incorporating closeness, warmth, and touch which traditional BDSM doesn’t always do.  As with all mystical experiences, only the supremely open and vulnerable get the full transmission of the depth Dakini Domination can go. Essentially this session has the power to transcend the body and penetrate into someone’s soul or psyche. This releases them into pure ecstasy, or a feeling of very deep relaxation where they can have some form of epiphany about themselves, the universe, or their relationship to it. It’s using the sexual confines and tools of Bdsm, seduction, touch, power exchange and sometimes tantric breath-work to take the recipient beyond a boundary they have previously explored.
2) Tell us about Sensual Elevation?
Sensuality is a realm that is infinite in nature, and I find there is always another level of depth that we can explore in our bodies and with the amount of ecstasy we can feel. Just when I think I’ve had the best sex of my life, it gets even better, deeper and more profound. Elevating your sensuality is making your sexual energy an offering, it’s opening more fully in your body, more deeply in your heart, and having a more enriching orgasmic experience.



3) How do you explain Tantric Healing?
I utilize breath, connection, a deep heart space, meditation, and presence to assist clients in their opening. I find that a gentle loving presence is the most profound gift you can offer someone, and in today’s world that gift is extremely rare. Sometimes a spontaneous opening occurs which I think is linked to the opening of kundalini shakti, which is highly worshipped and regarded as the energy of Enlightenment. Shakti Kundalini, which is the creative force of the universe, is endlessly intelligent, and formed the physical world. Our brains and nervous system are fully capable of experiencing this energy, but most are closed down to this possibility. Once the Shakti or kundalini energy is opened, I just allow this energy to flow through me into the receiver, and they often travel to depths within their being that they haven’t reached yet.
I keep playing with the term “sensual samadhi”, which is a form of subtle enlightenment. Awakening is a state of pure blissful awareness and total relaxation, so essentially I am giving people an experience of their true selves. At the end of the session, seekers have an opportunity to rest in this Sensual Samadhi, where the mind is completely relaxed, the body is totally blissed out, and your consciousness gets a reset. The seeker can Return to their natural essence of pure unconditional love, unity, or inherent wholeness of being. This is so important because we forget who we truly are (divine beings having a human experience) almost every day. Tantric Massage is a journey of true remembrance, ecstatic awareness, and a celebration of pleasure as the pathway.
Deepak Chopra has linked Sexual Energy and Spiritual Energy as the same thing. “Love is the Highest Intelligence in the Universe.” he has been quoted.. this is a process of returning to Love, to Ourselves, to the Deep Remembering of who we truly are.


4) Tell me about couples, Luxaura. Many couples would love to explore Sensual Play, but don’t know where to start. How do you introduce couples to threesomes that are curious but have never tried it?

Oh the ever elusive threesome! I don’t necessarily recommend threesomes for couples right off the bat, probably because I’m not technically bisexual. That given I do see many couples and women individually who want to spice up their sex life and try something new. They’re usually couples that are highly sexual, especially the women, and want to share intimacy with someone. If it does move into a threesome situat
ion it’s important to discuss play boundaries, use safe sex practices, and just have fun in their sexuality.
5) What misconceptions do couples have about threesomes that you teach them about?
Well personally speaking, every time I have had a threesome with my male lover and another female, I have to admit I’m a little disappointed! The energy gets a little misdirected and it can be difficult for it to all flow together. But my BEST threesome experience was with two straight males that were into me. I’m straight so this works better and I was worshipped and surrounded with cocks, which I love.


Basically it would be to live your actual fantasy, not what society tells you is your fantasy. Go with what really turns you on, and not what someone else’s turn on is, or just going along with the experience because there’s an expectation that you’re into it !
6) What is your favorite type of lingerie?
I know it’s cliche but I love Victorias Secret, and of course my fetish is Agent Provocateur. I am also partial to anything Victorian, espe
cially furniture.
7) What are your favorite sex toys?
I am in love with my Hitachi Wand, and pretty much all vibrators. My trusted, tried and true is made by fun factory, and is rechargeable. Anything that needs replacement batteries doesn’t work in my
Life. I love dildos and vibrating butt plugs. Nothing replaces a nice leather flogger!
8) Sexual aids are so popular, what advice do you give people who are afraid to try sex toys?
Just go with your intuition and try then out. They’re especially handy if you don’t have a regular sexual partner and you want to explore extended states of pleasure on your own!
10] What do you want your fans to get you from your wish list on our site {we send you 2 pieces of lingerie every time a fan gets you something from our site}?
I loooove vibrators, and any fetish item they would like me to wear or use on them in session. My favorite color is purple, and I would wear black. Special props to leather and lace, and I’m considering getting a few latex pieces!
Wand !
Dress, medium
Rubber outfit, medium