Sensual Energy is a Pathway to the Universe

“Sex is the pathway in which we feel the love of the universe. It is the natural, full, exuberant, and full expression of Love. Through Eros we begin to know ourselves.” -Lady Luxaura

Tantra is a path that connects the microcosm and the microcosm within the Universe. The saying “as above, so below” applies to the philosophy of Tantra. I believe that Quantum Physics and the Unified Field Theory are coming very close the linking the body, matter, and mind to everything else in the known Universe.

Everything in the cosmos came from the same source; the Big Bang. Through billions of years, the particles cooled down and began to formulate the worlds we live in today. In actuality, we all come from sunlight that has slowed down enough to express itself through you and I.

When we drop into the breath and the practice of dee presence, and meditating with our polar opposite (in my case a man), we begin to feel this inherent connection to all things, which is just energy. In fact most of the universe and your body is made up of space and vibrating strings!

Sensuality and the energy of Eros amplify this experience of unity consciousness, and the source in which we came from- the infinite expanse of intelligence and Love. I believe this ritual of breath and yoking erotic energy up the spine and into the pineal gland And other areas of the brain and body over time forms a pathway to the divine within our bodies.

More on Kundalini Tantra and the philosophy behind it in the next blog!