Anahita Amour


Rich brunette with coppery undertones




Passionate * Sensitive * Electric

Healing touch and bold passion to tease out your true self

Erotic Massages In Los Angles. Sensual Tantra Massage In Los Angeles


Greetings darling,

Anahita is the ancient Persian water goddess, and I tap into my ancestral Persian energies to bring you a unique and delightful journey of the senses. I greet you with a generous heart and full approval of you and your desires. My wish is for you to leave our session a better man, deeply embodied and imbued with vitality and confidence. I feel the essence of who you are and listen to the unspoken energies to ascertain your innermost needs. I find great pleasure in using sacred touch to heal through conscious connection.

I see each man for the Divine being that he is, no matter his life or circumstance. It is my practice to bring my Tantric experience into each session, as a way of teasing out your more profound inner nature. My hands buzz with electricity as my sensitive fingertips intuitively caress away your tension. Your physical body is a gateway to expanded consciousness and I am honored to be your guide.

In Loving Service,

Anahita Amour

Direct line:  424-262-6192



10am-10pm Daily. Call to inquire regarding current schedule.

​Location: ​My studio in Venice​, CA​



I first came across Tantra through the teachings of the late Pierre Bedard of Montreal, Quebec. I learned the sacred role of the Dakini as she energizes the masculine, feeling in each man the Buddha and Shiva. To view each man as a reflection of the Divine, and to treat him as such, requires a profound shift in consciousness, and this is the state I experience when working with my clients. It is my deepest wish to bring about healing in the masculine spirit through my guidance and touch.



I truly love men and the masculine, and I give my work as an offering of healing so that the finer nature of the masculine soul can come forth into the world in this time of need. To have you leave our session feeling like a better version of yourself is my greatest honor.



I am a deep listener, both of words and with my body. As a professional coach, I am available to hear your desires, wonders, and concerns, and a few well-placed inquiries can help you open to new levels of understanding of your self. I can be both sweet and fiery, depending on what needs to come out of me in the moment!



I love the ocean, sunbathing, and all things beach. I’m a regular practitioner of Orgasmic Meditation, which keeps the electricity high in my body and my senses fulfilled. I’ve worked professionally as a writer, and I like to read, learn, and explore. Intelligent conversation is a turn on! I enjoy spending time in nature (especially hot springs) and I love to forage wild foods. I’m a healthy omnivore and don’t drink alcohol, but I love veggie juices, raw chocolates, and anything with salted caramel!



I enjoy spending time with a man who is curious and open, who wants a mutual learning experience, and who values the unique connection we create in our session.



Sensual Full Body Massage
I greet you as a Goddess greets a God, and from there, with natural oils, I worship your body with my loving touch. Let your tension melt under my experienced hands as I guide you through a state of embodied bliss. My natural electricity awakens your senses and leads you to a final state of ultimate relaxation. My intention is to leave you in better shape than when you arrived so you can re-enter the world rejuvenated, relaxed, and fully embodied.

$250/ 60 minutes
$350/ 90 minutes


Kapalabhati Pranayama Mind Expansion Breathwork
Kapalabhati translates to Shining Skull, because this particular form of breath work expands and cleanses. It will heighten your senses as it feels like your mind is being polished from the inside out. Breathwork can intensify the depth of all the other work we do together.

$50/ 30 minute Add-on before massage session


Dance of the Dakini
We begin with a full body massage to relax you and as the energy transforms from relaxation to ecstasy, we will incorporate Tantric practices for greater consciousness. Breathing together and locking eyes, we transform into Goddess and God. I dance you into Shakti surrender for an unforgettable experience of Divine joy.

$450/ 90 minutes


10am-10pm Daily. Please call to inquire regarding current schedule.
Direct line: 424-262-6192