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LuxSophia is a collective of Sensual Healers, Tantric Massage Therapists, Intimacy Coaches, and Erotic guides into the mystery of pleasure. Highly skilled in their selected art forms, we have honed our craft from teachers around the world, including Source School of Tantra, to more traditional teachings in India. Together we take a holistic approach to healing and sensuality, and invite you into a realm where your entire being is welcomed.

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LUXAURA can be reached directly at 646-397-1810,

and each therapist’s individual contact information is on their bio pages.  

TANTRA DEVI can be reached at 831-296-3384

LUXAURA works primarily in her Hollywood, California Studio.

Tour Dates:

ORANGE COUNTY- June 27th-28th


LOS ANGELES- July 3-30th



More Info on GENEVIEVE in Santa Fe, New Mexico


We offer exquisite sessions ranging from Sensual Massage, Tantra Massage, Intimacy Coaching, as well as Tie and Tease and Dakini Domination sessions for the erotic connoisseur! This includes men, women and couples! Blending the techniques of healing touch, the breath techniques of tantra, and the sensory and power play dynamics of domination, our guides and mistresses are sure to take you on a journey deep into the pleasurable exploration of the body. This leaves you feeling completely met, taken deep into the psyche, and emerging with a feeling of relaxation and bliss. We believe in the healing properties of our work, and stand by it with integrity and grace.

We are set apart from much of the ‘body rubs’ world, for we consider ourselves sensual artists, honing our craft, and always taking trainings to keep our work current, relevant, impactful and powerful.  We are skilled and trained Tantricas and healers, and do this amazing work as a service-oriented offering, not as a means to get by. You will know and feel the difference when you are relaxing under our well-trained hands. What we offer is an exquisite gift from our hearts for you to connect with the deepest part of your being, through the pathway of Eros.

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LUX  [luhks] noun

1. A pleasure out of the ordinary allowed to oneself.

2. Free or habitual indulgence in or enjoyment of comforts and pleasures.

3. A mathematical unit of illumination.

Synonyms: affluence, bliss, sensual satisfaction, delight, enjoyment, gratification, high living, leisure, luxuriousness, opulence, rarity, richness, splendor, treat, well-being.


tantric massages los angeles, sexy massages los angeles, erotic massages los angeles, BDSM Los angeles, prostate massage los angeles, sensual massage los angeles

Sophia [soh-fee-uh] noun

1. Sophia (ΣοφíαGreek for “wisdom“) is a central idea to many of the world’s religions.

2. (theo)sophia; Divine Knowledge. Seeking direct knowledge of, presumed mysteries of being and nature, particularly concerning the nature of divinity.

3. Goddess Spirituality; The Feminine aspect of God; the Mother Of Creation.

4. The Discovery of true Goddess Worship; Supreme Surrender through Sensual Submission.



Breathe into the depth

of your own ecstatic nature

and receive the greatest gift of all;

re-communion with

your true self.



1. Premiere Los Angeles Collective for Conscious Eroticism; Divine Indulgence, Tantra Massage & Sensual Domination for the Erotic Connoisseur.

2. The Search for Your Highest Erotic Potential Through Fearless Sensual Exploration; See LUX GUIDES

3. Divine Indulgence and Erotic Education for the Sophisticated Seeker

4. Universal Insight through Experiential Sensation; Intentional Touch, Tantra and BDSM Play

5. Embracing The Body’s Sexual Power as a Path to Conscious Awakening and Integrated Existence



The vision of LUXSOPHIA was birthed through the transformational power of a Spring Eclipse.

With deep longing for the opportunity to Connect, Activate and Inspire on a Higher Level, we found ourselves at a height of sensual awareness where anything was possible. The desire sprung forth to create an enlivened concept for Interactive Conscious Eroticism.

By inviting Conscious Eros into our lives, we evolve beyond the old worldview that our innate sexuality is to be ignored, suppressed or experienced in a detached way.

We now step into this power, launching our journey with a new synergy of dynamic Erotic Bodywork and Sensual Domination.

tantric massages los angeles, sexy massages los angeles, erotic massages los angeles, BDSM Los angeles, prostate massage los angeles, sensual massage los angeles

It is our greatest wish to activate within you a seed of light, which if nurtured by your own wellspring of infinite power will grow until your entire reality overflows with bliss, excitement and inspiration.

By the simple act of arriving here and reading these words, you have confirmed that you are already aligned with our Vision and the gifts we have to share with you.

Sensual Massage Los Angeles: The premiere Los Angeles collective for tantra massage, light BDSM play, sensual domination, erotic massage, FBSM, sensual massage, tantra massage, and other erotic fetish services such as the elite, kinky 50 Shades Of Grey bondage experience. We provide these pleasures in Los Angeles, New York, Washington D.C., New Orleans, Toronto, and more. Bring forth the Eros within with one of our sacred sensualist, tantric healers,  dominatrix, or erotic explorers.  Our kink massage rooms rooms are used for full body massage, prostate massage, couples massage, sensual massage, bondage massage, and mistress tie and tease.  Contact us and schedule the best tantra massage LA, DC, and NY has to offer.  We are waiting to hear from you.




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